About Weathers’ Doctoral Project

This doctoral project details the Bible’s guidance for believers exhorting them to work in a manner worthy of God, so they can practice those Biblical principles in the marketplace. My interest in the topic of Biblical vocation began more than 30 years ago as a young man at the dawn of a longstanding corporate career. My interest in the topic grew as I completed seminary in my fifties and entered the pastorate. As I am now devoted to the advancement of Biblical training on a global scale, I see, more than ever, the need for believers to understand their important calling as it relates to the Church and The Great Commission.

Throughout my twenty-year corporate career I attended many lectures, read many books and researched volumes dealing with business leadership principles. These materials were, for the most part, void of sound biblical perspectives. I diligently searched for business seminars, sermons and books based on a biblically sound exegetical hermeneutic that would equip me to serve Christ in the marketplace.  While there were plenty of materials, speeches and clever conference speakers—some even claiming to be Christians—many of these resources failed to accurately reflect the Bible’s truth and demonstrate how a godly worker must function in the marketplace.

As a young business person, I yearned for strong Christian men to disciple me, mentor me in my craft, and guide me from a sound biblical foundation. Sadly, I found plenty of successful business people who loved their jobs and lived for Christ, yet, like myself, did not have a firm enough grasp of the Bible, or the wisdom to apply the truth of Scripture while on the corporate clock. So, I embarked on a mission to study and to better understand the Bible myself, especially in regard to Biblical vocation, and to teach and encourage others to further develop the topic of vocation and train others in their sphere of influence.

Sadly, most resources I uncovered address career from a prosperity or social gospel hermeneutic. These kinds of resources are filled with clever ideas or marginally plausible conclusions, but are lacking true Biblical substance—as if their authors crafted some fantastical points of application first and then frantically searched the Bible to authenticate or decorate their work.

Hopefully, the nine sermons in this doctoral work will equip listeners with biblical discernment, so that when they read books and articles or listen to sermons on the doctrine of vocation they can distinguish whether the content is biblically sound. It is my prayer that this project will help younger believers to apply biblical truth in their work. Additionally, my goal is to motivate moms, dads and older believers to disciple and mentor younger believers in their field of expertise using God’s Word as their main tool.

Since the sixty-six books of the Bible contain vast information directly or indirectly related to the topic of vocation, the size and scope of this project is constrained to nine sermons interacting with vocational topics. Notwithstanding, the sermons offer a foundation for the redeemed to work in a manner worthy of their calling.

I am thankful for your time and attention to my work. If you are committed to listening to the sermons and completing the surveys before the December 18 deadline (formerly December 15th), I would greatly appreciate your feedback (in addition to the standard replies on the Concluding Survey). You can also email your helpful input via the Contact link at Biblicalvocation.com.

If you are not able to commit to this doctoral project at this time, I would treasure your prayers as I complete my dissertation and, hopefully, graduate May 2018. I also hope that you can return to Biblicalvocation.com to listen to the sermons when you are able.

For God’s Glory,

Eric Weathers

About Eric Weathers

As a native of Southern California, Eric was graduated from The Master’s University. He served as a youth pastor at Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, CA in the 1980’s while attending The Master’s Seminary (TMS). 

After a 20-year career in many management and executive advisory roles at FedEx, Eric returned to TMS to complete a Masters of Divinity. He then pastored churches in Kentucky and Bryan, Texas.

Eric is currently completing his Doctor of Ministry at TMS. The title of his nine-sermon preaching project is: Work in a Manner Worthy of Your Calling: Practicing Biblical Principles in the Marketplace.

As the Sr. Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at The Master’s Academy International (TMAI), Eric provides strategic global communication and reporting to TMAI’s expanding partners and major donor constituency.  His Dallas/Fort Worth office location allows Eric to travel both domestically and internationally for his responsibilities at TMAI while remaining involved and under the elders at Countryside Bible Church in Southlake.

Eric and Debbie have been married for 33 years and have two adult children. Erica, their daughter, and her husband Kyle have a little girl, Karis and another baby on the way. Their son David and his wife Emily live in Albuquerque, NM where he serves as an officer in the US Air Force.